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Granite Mining and Quarrying Machine
The granite mining and quarrying machine adopt a new all-wheel-drive traveling mechanism, and the spindle is directly connected to the motor instead of the belt to maximize the effective power of the motor.
Double Blade Stone Quarry Mining Machine
The double blade stone quarry mining machine for cutting blocks are used in the fields of granite, marble, sandstone and other natural stone.
Quarry Surface Mining Equipment
The quarry surface mining equipment is the transformation of the original two-blade mining machine and suitable for marble and granite quarries.
Granite Rock Quarry Mining Equipment
In the traditional rock quarry mining which using dynamic blasting, the rate of finish product is only about 30-35%.
Open Pit Mining and Quarrying Machine
The DAFON stone mining machine is suitable for working in the open pits and to extract blocks of wall stone from 1800 mm long, up to 1200 mm wide and up to 1400 mm high.
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